Project Description

Five Animals Play Spontaneous Healing Qigong is an embodied healing practice where animal characteristics spontaneously move the participant to balance energy in meridians, organs and energy centres. The premise of this project is to use various forms of documentation to try to analyse the movement patterns during sessions of Five Animals Play to identify which meridians and organ systems are being activated and how. This may then lead to a greater understanding of how each animal energy balances the meridian, element and emotion associated.

Meridians run throughout our bodies with known points and paths. The corresponding energy centres and organs can also be identified. Meridians are identified with the name of an organ (with the exception of Triple Heater which is a process,) however they are related to the organ system function and extend throughout sections of the body, or the entire body. The spontaneous movement and breathing patterns of the five animals activate different meridians and organ systems. This project will document Five Animals Play sessions and analyse movement, breathing, sound and stillness in order to explore how healing is allowed.

We have used the following documentation techniques as part of our exploration:

  1. eye witness
  2. verbal discussion
  3. hand drawings
  4. video
  5. screen flow
  6. fancy body mapping software

Dr Lian Loke is fabulous and we’ll tell you more about her later

Fliss is fabulous and we’ll tell you more about her later too

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