Five Animals Play

Five Animals Play Spontaneous Healing Qigong

Five Animals Play is an embodied healing practice where the body moves spontaneously to balance energy in the meridians, organs, and energy centres. Energy characteristic of five different animals spontaneously move the body towards healing, depending on where there are imbalances, blockages, overactivity, and weakness in the energetic system. It is a form of Qigong, and involves an induction process, different for women and men, to open to the animal energies. Each of the five animals corresponds to an element, related organ systems and emotions. The movement characteristics, breathing patterns and sounds of each animal energy activate particular meridians and energy centres to facilitate healing.

Five Animals and their related meridians, elements and emotions

TIGER – Lung (breathing system), chest – METAL – Grief

BEAR – Kidney – WATER – Fear

DEER – Liver – WOOD – Anger

CRANE – Heart (Blood Circulation) – FIRE – Joy

MONKEY – Stomach & Spleen – EARTH – Worry

Meridians run throughout our bodies with known points and paths. The corresponding energy centres and organs can also be identified. Meridians are identified with the name of an organ (with the exception of Triple Heater which is a process,) however they are related to the organ system function and extend throughout sections of the body, or the entire body.

Meridians have correspondences with other meridians, in that they affect and are affected by each other. A summary of the correspondences is offered below.

meridian map

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